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A systematic approach to creating and sustaining a healthy and balanced life
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Everyone is unique and there is no one way to approach and sustain change. I will help you shift your perspective and build a new foundation for life so you can go from surviving to inspired and thriving.

I will support you and celebrate your success at every turn, but will also hold you accountable as only you can truly change yourself.
Shifting Perspective
3 month coaching series for those who are on the path but looking for support
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True Transformation
6 month coaching package for those seeking deep, personal transformation
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Summit Events
1 - 4 day experience to start your transformation or learn to sustain change
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Transform your life

It is our birthright just by existing on this planet, to be happy and healthy. Saying that, we experience highs and lows as we live our lives. All of these experiences are intended to shape us into who we are. They provide opportunities to carry on in the same direction or teach us something that we need to learn before a change in direction so we can continue on our path.

I believe the hardest part about change is finding your new footing, something new to tether to after the storm of your circumstances.

We will work together to shift your mindset whilst integrating practical tools that can help you create your new life. We will use various healing modalites and the framework I developed through my own journey and supporting others in personal transformation.

As a coach, I am not a replacement for other support systems. I am an additional tool to help guide you on your path to living the life you deserve. I can't imagine the journey you personally have been on, but I can offer you support as someone who was pulled into the darkness of an eating disorder for 17 years.

I made it out and found balance, peace and gratitude for my own personal struggle. I learned from my experience and am committed to helping others find the simpler path to happiness rather than taking the long way around like I did. Working with someone who has walked a similar journey is helpful to most as although our experiences are different, we have faced similar challenges and struggles.

Sending you love and light and my sincerest wishes that you start living your best life yet.

- Kristen


"I can help you shift your perspective and build a new life so you can go from surviving to inspired and thriving"

Discover Tumu

We are living in tumultuous times, both as individuals and as a collective.

Everyone seems to be searching for something that makes them feel better and handle the ebbs and flows of life.

Tumu simply means foundation or something to tether to. There is no one size fits all to personal development or transformation; however, having a solid footing beneath you is critical for creating and sustaining your new life.

My approach is based on four pillars (Connect, Nourish, Give and Receive) which make up the foundation or Blueprint on how to feel better.

Keep your vibration high and elevate yourself and those around you.

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Compassion is an integral part of my coaching. It's lacking in our day to day interactions yet is such a critical part of being human. I will work with you to cultivate compassion for yourself and others.
Every journey starts with the first step, but the key to real transformation is to celebrate the milestones and keep going when it gets tough. I will inspire and encourage you each step of the way.
My role is to help you build a new foundation from which you can grow and live your new life. I will hold you accountable and guide your hand to find the lifestyle that works for you.
Likely you have been "in your head" for a significant period of time. I will help you find a sense of grounding. At its simplest form this is being present and connected to your body and to Mother Earth.
The pendulum has probably swung too far to the right or left. I will help you develop a balanced approach to life by incorporating basic principles into your daily life that serve as a guide to building your new foundation.
We cannot always control the world around us or our experiences, but we can control the way we react to and process those experiences. I will help you find your own way of riding the waves of life and learning from your experiences.
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