My approach
Our bodies are amazingly resilient, intelligent beyond our belief, and have the ability to bounce back after trauma. Eating is an integral part of taking care of our bodies, yet has been put out of balance and used as way to express ourselves. I will work with you to find balance and a healthy relationship with food, learning to understand how to make choices that will give your amazing body the nutrition it needs to be optimal. My general recommendation is to keep it simple. It is a process of trial and error to see what your unique body needs to allow you to live your best life. After spending a significant amount of my life trying diet fads, I do not like to recommend a restricted diet of any sorts, but I strongly suggest eating organic whenever possible and avoiding GMOs completely.
A side effect of this digital age is that we are disconnected from natural elements, our true self and with others. We spend a majority of our time on our phones, iPads, or engaging with some form of technology which does not require much effort from the body.This is a broad category that incorporates connecting with nature, with your higher self, with your voice and with others. In our world of being connected virtually most of the time, it is critical to take a step back and refine our connections so that they are intentional and in our best interest. There are simple ways to incorporate connection into your daily routine without having to go sit on top of a mountain in lotus pose. We will work together to ensure that you have the tools necessary to feel grounded and supported
You get what you give. By giving to others, you create a deep sense of purpose and community. It also gives an awareness of others circumstances and encourages compassion and understanding. Giving service to others does not mean you have to be involved in a formal volunteer program. Every day you are able to positively contribute to others and to this planet. I will help you to find ways to make this second nature in your daily life.
I often remind myself and others that you have to fill your cup first. If you don’t, you won’t have anything left in your cup to give or share with others. Western society leads us to believe this is selfish, but this attitude is quickly shifting as people are realizing the importance of self care in order to live a balanced life. This is all about what do you do to honor yourself as a unique individual and also incorporates an awareness of what you may be receiving that does not serve your highest good.

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